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Marketing Services Packages for SMBs

Gigarev offers specialized marketing services packages designed to meet the unique needs of startups &small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) at various stages of growth. Each package combines our expertise in digital marketing with advanced AI-driven technologies and strategies to help SMBs enhance their online presence, drive engagement, and accelerate growth. Here are three tailored packages:

Explore Our Pricing Plans

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  • Launchpad Solution

    Every month
    Kickstart your digital presence with foundational marketing and support at an unbeatable price
    • Website management and updates
    • Basic SEO and keyword research
    • Monthly blog posts and basic graphic design
    • Social media posts and email marketing setup
    • Basic sales enablement content
    • Initial training and email support
  • Best Value

    Momentum Builder

    Every month
    Elevate your growing business with advanced marketing, sales, and support services.
    • Advanced website management and SEO
    • Enhanced content marketing with blogs and graphics
    • Comprehensive social media strategy and posts
    • Advanced email marketing and lead nurturing
    • CRM customization and sales enablement materials
    • Customer support setup and management
    • Marketing and sales automation with training sessions
  • Expansion Accelerator

    Every month
    Accelerate business growth with strategic marketing, dynamic sales, and comprehensive automation
    • Complete digital marketing and advanced SEO strategies
    • Full-scale content creation including video and infographics
    • Targeted PPC campaigns and influencer collaborations
    • Sophisticated email marketing & customer journey automation
    • Advanced CRM dynamics and high-impact sales materials
    • Premium customer support and engagement platforms
    • End-to-end automation solutions and executive training
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